These services are designed to help goalies and teams at all levels.

Online Coaching

Online goalie coaching features game/practice tape analysis, training programs, drill planning and everything else you'll need. You will also have an access to a special private video library. This program is suitable for goalies who are 16 and older or if parents are involved. Request more info by email.

Agent Services

Agent services include junior player placement and tryout invitations, "family advising" for those who want to play University hockey in North America and everything professionals need from contract negotiations to wealth management. Inquire more info by sending me an email.

Summer Training

During summer I visit camps as a quest coach and host own private training groups in Helsinki area or Lappeenranta, Finland. If you would like to train with me during summer send me an email or if you just need a custom program with drills, then a one month online coaching is right for.

Goalie Force Academy

I started Goalie Force with an idea that no other motivated goalie would have to suffer from lack of knowledge and bad coaching. Mission of Goalie Force is to provide you with all the tools and knowledge that are normally available only for the highest level professionals. I believe that everyone is entitle to have good coaching no matter what level you play at. With modern technology I can personally help you to become a better goalie no matter where you live.

Matti Korhonen, Founder

Thank you for taking time to visit my website. If you'd like me to help you to become a better goalie, start by signing up the free two week course on the top of this page. For more info about camps, private training and agent services email me to matti(at)

Goalies Matti Has Worked With

These are some of the goalies I have worked with as their team goalie coach, private coach or they have come to Goalie Force camps.

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