Custom Goalie Camps Overview: Custom camps mean that you’ll let me know what you want and I’ll make the camp around your wants, needs and budged.

My goal is to give you one of the kind goalie camp customized for you. All the the camps are private for 1-2 goalie or semi-private for 3-6 goalies. Everything from schedule to drills and food is customized for you.

Basically there can be only you and I one the ice, I can get pro level shooters, there can be other goalie(s) to share the cost of the ice, etc. As said, the camps are customized. Just send me an email to matti(at) and let me know that you are interested in custom camps.

Place: Location can be customized. I know good places in Finland around Helsinki area and in Lappeenranta. I travel a couple times in a year to Minneapolis and Grand Rapids Minnesota where we can set up the camp. I can also travel to your location.

Rink Locations: There are rinks where we can skate for almost free and rinks where it costs 150 euros for an hour of ice.

Time: Schedule is customized for you!

To Whom: Custom goalie camps are for goalies at any age and at any level from very young kids to professionals and adult hobby league goalies. I have trained goalies from small kids to professionals.

Shooters: Shooters are hand picked and by invitation only. Most of them are in junior national teams or play in pro leagues. (If you know a player interested in becoming a camp shooter he can send a resume to me at matti(at)

Number of Goalies: This is very much a budged question. Send me an email and we can talk about options. I know places where the cost of ice is really cheap (0-40 euros / hours).

Coaches: I will do all the coaching on and off the ice. That’s why most of the camps are only for 1-2 goalies.

Food: Food is very important and it will be customized for you.

Camp Price per Day: The cost of a one day varies from 50 euros to 2500 euros depending on amount of training, location, etc. Again send me an email to matti(at) and we can talk about everything.

Camp Payment Info: After the payment there are no refunds in any case and the full payment confirms the camp.



To reserve a spot is totally free and there is no commitment for you. Send me and email to Matti(at) with at least following info:

- Name

- Age

- Current Level

- Some of you goals and dreams in hockey

To Reserve Your Spot and For More Info: Contact Matti Korhonen – matti(at) – +358 40 758 5116