Are You Doing The Same Off-Ice Training as

 Players And Wasting Time? Or Is Your

Dryland Training Regiment Customized

 Just For You And Full of Goalie Specific Drills?


Your Dryland Training Needs Improvements If:

  • You have a specific bicep and chest day
  • If you are not doing TRX and other functional training
  • If you are doing more heavy lifting than other type of training
  • Your endurance training is mainly done on a stationary bike
  • If you are not doing speed and quickness training for hands as much as for legs

You probably already know that a comprehensive off-ice training regimen is vital if you want to rise above the pack and to become the best netminder you can possibly be. But if the goalie next to you is doing the same drills on the ice and the same dryland training drills as you, how can you become better than he is? Or even worse, you’re doing the same off-ice training drills as the rest of the team!

With that in mind, Goalie Force offers Dryland Training of Champions, an instructional video series designed specifically for ice hockey goalies seeking new and innovative off-ice training drills for excelling in the net. We took input from top goaltending coaches around the world, and even spoke with coaches of other sports such as martial arts and figure skating, to come up with the very best off-ice training course ever created for hockey goalies.

These kinds of results are normal and this is what you can expect to achieve:

  • You will become more flexible within one week
  • You will have quicker hands within three weeks
  • You will have better coordination within five weeks
  • You will have dramatically faster and more powerful legs within six weeks
  • You will take your game to a totally new level within six to nine weeks because of your improved speed, power, flexibility, balance and coordination

You Will Discover:

  • Never-before-seen hand speed training methods and plyometric moves invented by Matti Korhonen, a Founder of Goalie Force
  • Goalie-specific plyometric moves that have been proven to work, and some moves new to hockey but well known in other sports
  • Coordination drills that NHL goalies have been using since they were 8 years old
  • Next-generation core and balance training methods that are 10 times more useful for goalies than traditional abdominal crunches
  • Old-school Soviet Union dryland training drills that will make you miss your mommy
  • Stretching routine and flexibility exercises that will cut down the time you have to spend stretching, while increasing results
  • Plus much more

More in Detail What You Will You Get And Why You Need This Video Series:



Flexibility is a vital characteristic of a goaltender no matter what level you play at, but did you know that incorrect stretching can actually make you temporarily weaker and slower? That is scientifically proven. That’s why you must know how long to hold a stretch and when to stretch to avoid terrible mistakes.

But if you are stretching properly you’ll immediately see an increase in your speed and maximum power. We’re talking about up to 10% increase in speed and power, simply by stretching at the right time, the right way. This video series will teach you the correct way to stretch so you will achieve maximum results in the gym and on the ice.


Balance is often overlooked because it’s hard to measure, but it’s an extremely important physical skill you’ll need as a goalie. Good balance is like the glue that holds your performance together. On the other hand, if you don’t have great balance, your movements and technique will fall apart. You will learn drills that will help you to maintain your balance even when you’re going from post to post or making explosive T-pushes and butterfly slides. If you improve your balance, your save percentage is sure to improve.

Speed, Power and Agility

Powerful legs give the foundation for everything you do on the ice, but drills that work for the rest of the team aren’t always particularly effective for you. After all, when’s the last time you saw a goalie skate 20 yards forward at top speed before making a save? Goalies’ movements are different than other players’, so your training has to be different too. For example we have to be able to make a quick reaction save after a couple of explosive pushes and slides even on over time when our legs are tired. The movements hockey goalies do require explosive power, agility and stamina from your legs. The drills you’ll learn are specifically designed for ice hockey goalies so you can develop outstanding foot work.


Have you seen an NHL goalie that didn’t have quick hands and feet? No, you haven’t, because every goalie in the NHL is extremely quick, but very few younger goalies do quickness exercises beyond ladder drills. Dryland Training of Champions video series will teach you numerous ways to develop quick hands and feet, including some never-before-seen methods. Your hands will become the fastest in your league when you combine our unique, proven to work drills, with training methods that have been picked up from coaches around the world. And your legs will feel like they’ve never felt before, guaranteed!

The End Result

Off-ice training separates champions from those who almost made it.  In this video package we have combined all the possible moves and training methods that you’ll need to do in order to become an NHL goalie.


Super Bonus 1: Customized training program

Everyone is different, so every goalie needs a training program specific for them. Also, you wouldn’t get a blacksmith to fix the engine of a Ferrari, so why would you pay $200 for a training program made by someone who’s never been a goalie and doesn’t know what you really need? Your customized training program will be created for you by Matti Korhonen and Goalie Force coaching team. If you ever wanted to know exactly what to do off the ice, this is what you’ve been looking for.

Super Bonus 2: In the Zone Package

You’ll receive a full access to In the Zone  - Secret Preparation Formula package. This routine will not only help you on the ice but also in the gym. You will learn how to immediately increase your maximum power 5-10%, how to run 200 meters as fast as you can while still breathing through your nose, and how you’ll be able to get more out of your workouts, even if you’re doing the same thing as the person next to you.

Super Bonus 3: Free Updates

After you’ve clicked “Immediate Access” and entered your payment information, you’re assured that you will stay ahead of other goalies because we’re always improving, tweaking and searching for new ways of training. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars attending hockey camps around the world or hiring the best trainers to stay updated with the best training techniques. We’ve done it for you. When you access the Dryland Training of Champions video series you will get knowledge of the top coaches and trainers in the world, all the way from the NHL.

Still Not Sure Because You Think That You Know Enough And What You Are Doing Now Is Good Enough?

There are two types of goalies – doers, and talkers. Talkers always say they want to make it to the next level or that they could have made it if they’d wanted to. They come up with excuses why they are not doing their best, how they already know enough. Or they say “I don’t really care to try my best because this level is not good enough for me.”

Doers find all the information possible, they do whatever they can to gain more knowledge, they get up in the morning to do training and they are the last guy in the gym doing extra work. They are not drinking, partying or lying around. Doers do their best everyday to get better no matter what level they play at. For them hockey is not a hobby or a job. It is part of them. Hockey is their lifestyle and they love it… those are the goalies who win championships. They win championships because they do things better than other guy and they do things better because they know more than other guy.

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